About me

Hello I'm Eggbong

I used to own a YouTube channel with around 87,000 Subscribers called BritbongReturns.
I made trolling videos in games such as Second Life, Garrysmod, GTA RP trolling with my various voices and personalities.
When I streamed on YouTube i would get around 800-1000 viewers and was doing quite well until I was terminated without any strikes or warnings from YouTube.
If you were wondering why I was banned this video explains it very well here and I also wrote about it here

I tried to return to YouTube recently and was shut down again for absolutely no reason, I even had my friend make a channel and they shut that one down too without any strikes or reasoning.
I know some YouTubers with connections were reporting me directly to YouTube and getting me shut down with the help of various people who have been stalking me for years, a lot of these people I have either blown out super hard in the past or merely criticised them so they were quite happy to help me get deplatformed everywhere such as Twitter, Twitch and anything else you can think of.

Either way I am more focused on streaming at the moment but I hope in the future I can find a suitable place to upload content but until then I'll be streaming on Mixer.com/eggbong