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UPDATE 20/05/2018

Still locked out of my BritbongReturns Facebook, I think I tried too many recovery codes and have to wait a few days which is really unfortunate, in the meantime feel free to like/follow https://www.facebook.com/britbongstreams if you were following my facebook.

At the moment I am on Stream.me/britbongreturns until I can get the account back, if you need to keep up to date feel free to join the discord and ask, I am on there most of the time https://britbong.com/discord just click connect to join.

Next Stream: 20th of May at 9PM UK

Streaming today at 9PM UK  on http://www.stream.me/britbongreturns (countdown) http://itsalmo.st/#britbongsstream_ipib2 some saucy BTFO's with Britbong and the lads